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Interactive Session – ‘Keeping the Human Cyber Safe’

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Risk Evolves is offering an interactive, educative session on cyber security, and how you can keep yourself, your staff and your organisation safe and secure online.

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Cyber security is very much in the news and is very much a part of doing business everyday.

However with the global threat increasing, all organisations must take steps to reduce their risks. But where do you start, and who do you ask in a world full of three letter acronyms and jargon?

People are one of the key assets of any organisation. Our experience has proven an informed workforce is fundamental to implementing effective systems and processes and can be your biggest
ally against risk. Arming your employees with the skills to deter those who would compromise you is the first of many steps you can take to protect your organisation.

Risk Evolves prides itself in delivering the theory supported by practical, interactive sessions and illustrate using real examples. This is not “death by PowerPoint”.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
o Translate some of the jargon eg. Spam, phishing, ransomware,
o Understand the consequences of your IT related actions.
o Apply IT Security principles to both domestic and commercial use;
o Understand the potential consequences of sharing information on social media platforms;
o Offers best practice advice and guidance throughout the training

o What are the Cyber Risks today? Where are the threats?
o Who are these cyber criminals? And why are they attacking us?
o What do we mean when we talk about a cyber-attack or a cyber enabled attack?
o What are phishing emails, Malware, Hacking and Ransomware?
o What is social engineering?
o How do I protect myself, my business and my family?

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