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Salesforce CRM Application Support Course


Tonica is offering a free Udemy course to help you apply for your free non-profit Salesforce CRM Package

RRP: £100
Our Price: Free

What's included in this Pledge?

This course covers:
1) Signing up to a free trial of Salesforce
2) Applying for 10 free licences that Salesforce offer to charities
3) Setting changes, branding and customisation that I recommend using as soon as you get the Salesforce account

Tell me about Tonica

Led by Mary Butlin, Tonica offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and insight consultancy to clients in the cultural, charity and commercial sectors. We’ve been operating since 2010 and pride ourselves on our hardworking and problem-solving attitude in order to deliver results for our clients.  Since 2015 we have focused on Salesforce Consultancy and love working with the platform.  We have expertise in Salesforce implementation, data migration, optimisation, online forms, automation, dashboards and integrations using tools such as Zapier to bring data into a single customer view within Salesforce.

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