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Staff Wellbeing Platform

Build a happier, healthier and more inclusive workplace with Lyfe Wellbeing’s wellbeing portal

RRP: £600
Our Price: Free

What's included in this Pledge?

Build a happier, healthier and more inclusive workplace with Lyfe Wellbeing’s well-being portal. This pledge includes FREE set-up and access to the platform, representing a saving of more than £500 per organisation. However, there is an ongoing usage fee associated with the portal, of £1 per user per month (£12 per employee per year.) This still represents a huge financial saving for your Good Cause.

Tell me about Lyfe

Lyfe supports workplaces across the UK, to create diverse, inclusive and sustainable well-being programmes built on human connection and community. Solving challenges HR Directors and Well-being leads have today around budget, time & administration, and reporting.

Our technology platform, CARE, enables this by:

·        Connecting organisations with a pool of over 200 well-being providers

·        Administering bookings from end to end with support around internal promotion, providing regular reporting and insightful data. We..

·        Reward employees for prioritising self-care in a gamified way as well as giving them access to a free perks platform. All of these enabling the workplace to

·        Evolve, spending their valuable time on ensuring they continue to listen to their people and stay inclusive in a sustainable way.

Through our marketplace of national providers, we host a variety of live offerings that support workplaces with their well-being agendas both virtually and onsite, at a high level – Strategy & Assessment, Well-being Workshops (mental health, nutrition, sleep, etc), Community Activities (yoga, meditation, home workouts, creativity sessions, choirs/sing-a-longs and more) and 1-2-1 clinics.

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