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Behind the Cause puts the leaders of Good Causes in the spotlight, looking at the highs and lows of running an organisation, personal achievements and the biggest challenges in the sector today.

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Season 01 Episode 06

Season 01 Episode 06

Andrew and Lynne, two of the driven and dedicated trustees from New Futures Nepal joined us on  a recent Behind the Cause podcast recording. They told us about how the charity started 20 years ago and the work their teams have done over the years, as well as the impact they have had in Nepal and how the £2million plus the charity has raised has made such a difference to the lives of those living in Nepal. Its a humbling and impressive episode.

For more information on New Futures Nepal, to fundraise or volunteer, visit the New Futures Nepal website.

Season 01 Episode 05

To mark International Women’s Day, we were joined by three wonderful women who are all involved with good causes that support and help women and girls in the midlands. Jaime Richards from Coventry Haven, Char Bevan from Flourish and Beverley Gilbert from Cohort 4. They shared the work that their charities do to help women through abuse and struggles with self-confidence, as well as describing their paths that led them to where they are now, doing the brilliant things that they do.

Season 01 Episode 04

The brilliant Dave Jacob-Lloyd and Harry Finch from the charity It’s Time, discuss starting a charity from scratch with a host of skilled individuals linked together by the commonality of parental loss. They also talk through the difficulties of juggling a charity when having full time jobs, the benefits that working with Make Good Grow has brought them and finding ways in dealing with their own grief and trauma through helping others.

For more information on It’s Time, check out their social media or visit the It’s Time website.


Season 01 Episode 03

We were joined by the tour de force that is Tina Costello from Heart of England Community Foundation. Tina told us all about how the Heart of England Community Foundation responded under unprecedented circumstances when the pandemic hit the UK and ended up supporting more than 3,600 good causes with just over £6million in funding. She tells us what drives her to do the work she does and how proud she is of her team and the grassroots causes that work tirelessly for our local communities.

Head to the Heart of England Community Foundation website for more information.

Season 01 Episode 02

We were joined by Ryan Jackson from the Lily Mae Foundation. He told us about the heartbreaking journey to setting up the charity, how the work they do has grown and adapted over the past year and how, whilst they wish they did not have to exist, they are so glad they are there to support families around the UK who experience baby loss.

You can find out more about Lily Mae Foundation and connect to all of their social media accounts and website here.

Season 01 Episode 01

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We were joined by Alex Wallace from Mintridge Foundation. Alex told us all about the highs and lows of running a small charity, we even heard about the cows and chicken. You can find out more about Mintridge Foundation and connect to all of their social media accounts and website here.