Pledge Match Kick-off Meeting – A Practical Guide

So, you’ve made a pledge match on Make Good Grow – great news! Now’s time to get down to business and have your project kick-off meeting.

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This is your first opportunity to put a face to the name of your pledge collaborator, discuss the project in more detail and make a plan to succeed together.

We recommend 30 minutes for this first meeting, spending time to be crystal clear on what you’re trying to achieve will save confusion and time wasted in the long-run.

If there are any other stakeholders who are key to the project’s success then it’s a good idea to include them too – that way everyone is introduced and responsibilities are clear from the outset.

First things first

We have some ground rules here, as set out in our Make Good Grow charter. These rules of engagement are designed to protect both our Good Causes and Good Businesses, ensuring everyone is respected and enjoys the process.

You can view the full charter here, but in summary:

  • Communicate in a clear, polite and timely manner
  • Respect each other
  • Stick to the scope of the project

What to tick off during your kick-off

By the end of the meeting, both sides should feel that:

  • There’s a clear understanding of the project’s purpose
  • The Good Business knows what to deliver on completion of the pledge
  • Everyone’s responsibilities are clear and agreed upon
  • How you will communicate and how often

Good Causes,

your part of the meeting might go like this:

What are you looking to achieve by completing this project? What would success look like? If you have any key deadlines for your project then this is the time to discuss.


Good Business,

you’ve got an important part to play too:

The project process is a collaboration – you’ve been brought on board due to your professional skills and experience. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to make recommendations to the Good Cause on how you would typically approach a project of this nature. Be realistic about what deliverables you can provide within the agreed scope of the project. What support or feedback from will you require from the Good Cause? It’s good to think about this from the outset and set provisional dates for project update meetings if required.

Project Objectives and deadline

During your conversation, the project objectives or target finish date might change compared to the original project scope. By the end of the kick-off meeting, there should be a clear idea of what will be achieved and by when.

It’s important that both sides feel that the project objectives are impactful for the Good Cause and the deadline is achievable for the Good Business.

Next Steps

By the end of the meeting, the above agreed upon points should be written and shared with all attendees, along with what to do next.

The next step will vary depending on the project but a clear action, with someone accountable and a deadline will help keep up the project’s momentum.


Now, get out there, have fun and get your pledge done!

…And don’t forget, once your project is completed let us know so we can tell your impact story