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New Baby Network CIC

Assistance Submitting Accounts to Companies House for a CIC

Project Details

Deliverable Type
Estimated Hours
20 hours
Step 1
Proficiency with spreadsheet and/or software accounting Understanding of the process of submitting accounts to Companies House for a CIC Advising on and reviewing our current practise so that we can ensure this can be done properly each year.
Step 2
Project Sponsor communicates current accounting needs and practices to Passioneer Project Sponsor provides a chart of accounts or operating budget, and any financial statements currently being generated (e.g. statement of financial position, statement of activities, or statement of cash flows), outlining current operational constraints with existing system Project Sponsor conveys any budget and capacity considerations that might apply to ongoing bookkeeping management Note: If necessary, Project Sponsor should have Passioneer sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to sharing and discussing organisation’s financial information.
Step 3
Passioneer provides advice on whether our current practise will fulfil the requirements of Companies House and inform of any changes that need to be made Passioneer will outline any costs that might be necessary for submitting to Companies House - we were told we might need to pay an accountant to submit because of needing accounting software?

Project Objectives

Analysis of accounting needs and assessment of organisation’s current accounting practices Recommendations for process improvements for enhanced reporting Recommendations on appropriate bookkeeping system such as a spreadsheet or Xero/QuickBooks etc and related costs (if applicable) Note: This does not include accounting systems set up or implementation

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