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Nechells POD - Community Consultation

Nechells POD
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Project Details

We would like help to create an online community consultation survey and an in person event where our community members can come and share their thoughts in a relaxed environment.

Deliverable type
Software Set Up
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Communications, Data Analysis

Since the Covid pandemic arrived we have not done any community consultation and feel we are providing a lot of services which are well supported however they are delivered based on ideology of what needs there are rather than our own evidence.

We would really like to gain our own evidence to support the work we do but we do not have the staffing levels or volunteers with the required skills to do this our self at the moment.

About this Good Cause

Nechells POD

Nechells POD is a community centre in the heart of Nechells, Birmingham. We provide a lot of activities and support to the Nechells and wider community including ESOL, employability and digital classes, welfare advice and support, tots story time, art therapy and craft sessions, gardening club, keep fit, coffee mornings, job club, credit union, tai chi and chair based exercise classes. We also have visitors delivering one off and temporary sessions. We also have partnerships with other organisations including the NHS, Birmingham Irish Association and FareShare to ensure as many needs are being met as possible.

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