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Flyer Graphic Design - Brambles Kenilworth

Brambles Kenilworth
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We are looking for someone who can help us develop a leaflet to deliver around our local area that is directed at the prospective parents. We would love the leaflet to show our ethos and mission and to also promote our preschool so we can fill spaces. The objective is to gain more children attending the pre-school, so we can run at optimum capacity.

Deliverable type
Visual Design Assets
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Graphic Design

Raise awareness of Brambles pre school and out of hours school

About this Good Cause

Brambles Kenilworth

Brambles pre-school and out of school club provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment with friendly, approachable staff who inspire children to reach their potential. We create a positive and challenging learning environment where children are encouraged to engage with new experiences and opportunities which will foster a lifelong love of learning.

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