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Balanced Wheel
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Work with a professional to develop, review and strengthen your fundraising plan.

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Detailed comments and suggestions based on a thorough review of an existing fundraising plan (20 pages maximum)
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About this Good Cause

Balanced Wheel

We exist to simplify the journey from grief experienced shortly after loss to finding new meaning in life. We support people who have experienced grief and loss by helping them find a new balanced state of well-being.
Friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours of someone bereaved often feel helpless in knowing what to say and/or do to support some bereaved. Balanced Wheel is also here to assist the support network of someone bereaved with the skills and confidence so that they can in turn support their loved ones.
We provide culturally sensitive grief awareness, education and addressing short and long term impacts of bereavement such as loneliness and isolation to address the needs of bereaved people and their support network. It is accessible to all but specific to those from ethnic minorities and provides information, and emotional and social support (peer support) that will act as a catalyst for assuaging loneliness among recently bereaved people.

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