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The Together Project CIO
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Project Details

Our website was created for us by a volunteer in 2017 using Squarespace. We feel it is time for a fresh set of critical eyes on it, assessing its usability, effectiveness and success in achieving our objectives.
The outcome may be a recommendation that we need a complete overhaul (perhaps on a different platform) or a plan or smaller amends that can make a big impact.

Deliverable type
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Web Design, Web Development
We would love your help with: Feedback on the current website’s layout, user functionality, visual design, content, and other key features Clear articulation of the goals for the website Recommendations for improvements to help achieve our desired goals

About this Good Cause

The Together Project CIO

We're the national charity that boosts wellbeing, reduces loneliness and fosters stronger, happier communities by creating joyful intergenerational experiences.
Our work includes:
Songs & Smiles – a music & social group for 0-4 year olds, their grown-ups and older adults, held weekly in care homes and community spaces
Crafting Connections – the intergenerational arts & crafts exchange pairing children with care home residents to form long-term friendships via the post
We Are Friends – linking schools and care homes through multi-age storytelling

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