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Info graphic video

Mummy’s Star
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Project Details

We would like it to be an infographic/cartoon-type video where we can show facts and figures and have a voice-over.

Facts will be short and to the point such as:
– 2 individuals are diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy every day
– pregnancy can often hide the symptoms of cancer
– if you have concerns, please speak to your GP or midwife
– see the symptom not the pregnancy

The video will be shared on social media and our website through Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week.

The audience will be both the public and healthcare professionals, so it's very top level at this stage.

Deliverable type
Photography / Video
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Photography & Video
We need to create a short (30 sec to 1 min) video to help raise awareness about cancer in and around pregnancy-'See the Symptom' and part of Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2022 in June.

About this Good Cause

Mummy’s Star

Every day, in the UK, two pregnant women are diagnosed with cancer and Mummy’s Star is here to support them from diagnosis through pregnancy, birth, loss and beyond.

Mummy’s Star supports women who receive a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy and up to twelve months after the birth of their baby. Our aim is to reduce women’s anxiety and feelings of isolation, enable them to make informed choices about their treatment and pregnancy, and raise awareness about the financial, logistical, and psychological challenges they may face.

Last year, Mummy’s Star supported 462 women through one-to-one support, our online forums for mums to connect with women going through similar experiences, our monthly Ask The Expert sessions (covering topics about specific concerns such as Menopause, talking to children about cancer, grief, trauma, and skincare after treatment), signposting to additional support they may benefit from and supporting partners and extended family when a woman sadly dies.

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