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Infographic for Impact Report 2021/22 Financial Year

Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK
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The infographic needs to be engaging and impactful. For consistency it would be great to have it in a format that could be shared across all of our social media (Insta, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn) as well as in the printed and digital report (I use Issuu to publish the report digitally – open to advise if something better is available).
GAGA Brand Colours
Hex: #09 AB 56 #EA AD 14 #63 36 13
CMYK: C80 M0 Y90 K0 C3 M32 Y98 B0 C45 M72 Y83 B47

Deliverable type
Visual Design Assets
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Graphic Design

I produce an Impact Report every year which highlights the achievements and projects that have been funded by donations from our supporters.
it is in the form of a booklet and I like to have an infographic or visual representation of the previous 12 months.

I’d like this to be eye-catching and also something I could use not only in the Impact Report but also on posters and our website too.

About this Good Cause

Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK

GAGA UK raises funds in the UK to provide support to individuals and organisations in South Africa, Tanzania & elsewhere who are working to help others in communities adversely affected by illness, disease and poverty. We aim to strengthen the provision of education and healthcare, for orphaned and vulnerable children, young people and the elderly in remote rural communities.
We like to say we are a small organisation that makes a big impact! We work with trusted partners in our current areas of operation to ensure that donations and fundraising income generated in the UK reaches the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the communities we support. We believe that access to education has the power to change the world but we also understand that sick or hungry children cannot learn. For that reason, many of the programmes we support cover health and welfare as well as educational needs.

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