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Impactivity: Talking Without Limits
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Work with a coach to become a more effective leader or to strengthen the leadership in your organisation, and learn techniques for continuing this growth over time.

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Coaching, Executive Leadership, Management
We are a new charity - launched in 2021 - promoting positive mental health through physical activity and teambuilding. We are looking for a leadership coach to help us grow our organisation and support more people within our community.

About this Good Cause

Impactivity: Talking Without Limits

Impactivity: Talking Without Limits was founded in January 2021; with the aim to improve awareness of mental health through the delivery of sport and teambuilding workshops all whilst removing the stigma around mental health issues.

I have delivered these workshops to schools, university's and businesses telling my own personal story with mental health struggles to promote positive conversation surrounding mental health issues.

As well as the workshops we have embarked on charity challenges to raise money for future Impactivity programs and for mental health charity's such as CALM and MIND. This has included a hike up Snowdon, 20 miles in the peak district and in early 2022 the length of Hadrian's Wall. This has all been done with a team of men to show that #BigMenCanTalk.

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