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Marketing and Digital Strategy Development - Escape Arts

Escape Arts
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We want to work with a professional to help us brainstorm, plan, and connect ways to reach our target audience most effectively.

Deliverable type
Strategic Plan
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Digital Marketing, Marketing

It’s 2022 and Escape Arts is celebrating our 25th Anniversary. Since 1997, we have been helping people of all age groups to work together on art and heritage projects, building strong, happy communities and supporting wellbeing.
We work with 3 young people in developing and producing a number of digital projects throughout the year, and we now need to compile a detailed marketing strategy with a specific emphasis on digital.

The project will include 1-3 strategy sessions with a marketing professional covering topics like digital marketing channels, messaging, branding and target audiences
A written summary of marketing goals, target audiences and channels to prioritise
A starter plan of recommendations & actionable next steps to begin executing your strategy
Note: This project does not include the creation of content such as emails, print materials, or social media posts

About this Good Cause

Escape Arts

For 25 years Escape Arts has developed a diverse programme of creative, educational and employment skills training, alongside social impact arts, health and community services, and targeted interventions to tackle isolation and reduce health inequalities across Warwickshire.

Escape helps people of all age groups and those experiencing multiple disadvantage. Our model is built on strong partner referral and co-creation, participatory leadership with locally led projects/pathways embedded in the heart of communities. Our nationally recognised targeted work experience and volunteer framework provides the building blocks to assist recovery, development and achievement, providing contact, support and focus during times of transition and distress.

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