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Recruiting Volunteer Basketball Coaches and Referees

Yardley Basketball Club
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Attract the right candidate for an open position with a clear job description, a list of interview questions, and recommendations on the right recruitment platforms for your needs.

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Human Resources, Talent Recruitment

Find some potential volunteers.

Currently we have lots of players but are limited as we have a shortage of coaches. We do not have any more coaching skills amongst our team, and need to identify potential volunteers to work with us.

This is not a job it is all unpaid but I could not find a suitable category.

About this Good Cause

Yardley Basketball Club

We are a Community basketball Club wholly run by volunteers.
Our players are largely teenagers from less affluent parts of Birmingham. We train at Stechford LEisure Centre every Wednesday and play matches in the the YBL League.
We currently have U13, U15 U17 and Mens Teams.

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