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Sports Clubs and Groups Marketing Guide - design

Think Active
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We need help from a graphic designer to create a clear and concise guide for sports clubs and groups. This guide will help them encourage new members to get involved.

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Visual Design Assets
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Graphic Design

We want to help sports clubs and groups be able to promote themselves in a way which makes people in the local community feel comfortable to go along to a new activity for the first time. Sometimes starting something new can be scary, but providing information to help answer some of the worries that people have about going along for the first time can help. This guide would provide ideas and tips on how they can put people at ease to come along and have a go.

This will support people to be active within their local community and help them meet new people. In turn it will help the the club or group attract new participants to not only take part in the clubs activities and teams but who may also, in time, want to volunteer to help out with the coaching, organisation or running of the club.

About this Good Cause

Think Active

Think Active is the Active Partnership for Coventry Solilhull and Warwickshire. Our aim is to use the power and potential of sport & physical activity to enable future generations to have healthier more prosperous lives.

Our vision is for everyone in Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire to benefit from and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in safe and thriving communities. Our work focuses on supporting those in our communities who face the biggest inequalities and are therefore more likely to be least active.

We believe in working collaboratively to make a difference. The scale of the challenge to tackle inactivity is vast and we truly believe that we can achieve more, maximise resources, avoid duplication and positively impact more people if we work together.

We are a new charity, established in August 2021. Previously we were hosted by Coventry City Council.

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