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Videography Sessions To Create Training Material
Photography & Video
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Project Details

Deliverable Type
Photography / Video
Estimated Hours
8 hours
Step 1
As we grow and develop as a charity with more and more staff and volunteers eager to help us to help those we work alongside, we want to enhance the training we provide them. We've come to realise that a blended approach to how we train, equip and engage our team is probably the best way forward. So, whilst we will continue to do some training in the traditional way with a group, in a room with PowerPoints, case studies and perhaps even a flip chart, we also see the benefit to pre-recording some sessions so people can watch them at their leisure.
Step 2
Although we are eager to be guided by you, the experts, we are thinking we could do with 6 x 30mins videos producing. Ed Hollamby, who has supported Helping Hands for many years will be overseeing this project. He has been creating and delivering training material for many years. Ed is a professional speaker and is used to being in front of a camera so a fair bit of the delivery will be done by him. We would also like some location shots and a few other faces to be included to help bring it to life and put things in context.
Step 3
The timescales can be flexible to fit around you, although we are eager to get started as soon as possible as we are excited by the prospect of how great this will be for our new team members.

Project Objectives

A range of raw video clips filmed for a Community Group
All video clips should be collected during a single session unless otherwise agreed by the Passioneer and Community Group
Note: this project does not include video editing to form these clips into a final video

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