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Website Minor Update

The Gap
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Project Details

The Gap in Warwick need help making some updates to their website – They’d also like some support in providing training to staff, so they can update the site themselves in the future.

Deliverable type
Website Support
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Web Development

The Gap in Warwick need help with completing some minor updates to their existing website (e.g. adding new copy and/or images, customising styles/themes, basic layout revising, etc.)
They’d also like some advice and training for their organisation’s staff on how to make minor updates going forward.

About this Good Cause

The Gap

The Gap is a charity based in Warwick which is focused on promoting community togetherness and striving to help you achieve your personal goals. We do this by providing a safe, welcoming environment where you can meet existing or new friends and participate in social and physical activities; support groups; volunteering and learning – all with the aim of enhancing your overall quality of life.

We run Youth Clubs everyday of the week in 4 different venues in Warwick for young people aged between 8-16, Older Adults activities and a variety of classes, groups and training sessions, including Zumba Gold; Seated exercises (falls prevention and mobility enhancing exercise class); Dog Training; Knit and Natter; Art Club; IT classes for Beginners; Tai Chi and many more.

In addition, we host a number of important, specialist organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous; GCL (organisation helping people with additions); Youth Justice; Young Carers (respite for young people caring for members of their family); Twelve Steps; Prospects Career Advice to name but a few. Our informal setting makes people feel relaxed and at home, which creates the right environment for building confidence, finding support and aiding recovery.

We are a valuable place for local residents and organisations looking for a friendly accessible venue, for parties, events and meetings with all the necessary furniture and AV equipment – at an affordable price.

We have over 2000 visitors through the door every month and cater for all age groups, from babies through to older adults.

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