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Young Minds Matter Fundraising Concert

Young Minds Matter
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Project Details

We are looking to run a fundraising concert with performers from local schools, alongside a 3 course dinner, champagne reception, auction and raffle, with some inspirational speakers and interviews. Raising mental health awareness is vital and all proceeds go into funding our mentoring service for young people struggling.
Warwick Hall is a stunning venue with a capacity of 500 people.
Any background or knowledge of obtaining sponsorship would be deeply appreciated.

Deliverable type
Strategic Plan
Estimated hours
Skills needed
Event Planning, Project Management

We are back and hoping to run our next fundraising concert in Warwick Hall, Wariwchsire. Our first concert in this venue back in 2017 was a massive success raising £37,000!
Objectives could include approximately 3-5 consulting sessions covering topics like running of show, technical requirements, menu planning, etc.
Written summary and/or notes on plans and best practices for topics discussed (e.g., a document outlining the sequence timing, content, logistics, and Programming for an upcoming event)

About this Good Cause

Young Minds Matter

We are a registered charity that recruits and trains mentors to provide free mentoring for students between the ages of 11-18 in 5 schools across Warwickshire. We are looking to expand our service into more schools, to allow an increased number of young people to benefit from the advantages of mentoring. We also put on exciting events such as concerts and an upcoming channel swim to allow young people to get involved in activities outside of their comfort zone to hep build their self-esteem and resilience.

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