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Now that it is time to start making the good grow, we thought we should outline how we think you’ll get the best from your Good Business / Good Cause relationship.

These rules of engagement have been kept clear and simple and are founded in very basic common sense. But it is useful to set out some expectations for both parties from the start, so here goes:

  • Communication is key: Please respond to each other in a clear, polite and timely manner. No one likes being left hanging!
  • Respect is expected: We know you will, but just to reiterate…  Please treat everybody with respect and dignity. No harsh words or confrontations here please, just good vibes all the way.
  • Boundaries help us flourish: We ask that you only engage on the pledge that was originally posted and signed up to. If this leads to further work or a longer term relationship / engagement in the future, which both parties mutually consent to then we’re not going to get in the way of that. But Good Causes – please don’t ask lots of additional things of your Good Business in the first instance – focus on the main project and you’ll get much better results.
  • Cross the T’s and dot the I’s: We expect that most pledges can be completed remotely without the need for lots of site visits or the Good Business incurring personal expenses, however we know that isn’t always the case. So we expect that Good Causes have:
    • The relevant Public Liability in place to cover the volunteer’s work for you.
    • The relevant risk assessments undertaken to protect any activity the Good Business will do on your behalf on your premises or place other than their own home or place of work.
    • A process to reimburse any out of pocket expenses the Good Business may incur on your behalf, such as travel / supplies etc – all to be pre-agree and authorised by the Good Cause in advance.
  • Hands up: Please remember that Make Good Grow are only acting as an intermediary / third party and take no responsibility for the work carried out or the conduct of either party during your project relationship.
  • Feedback is fundamental: Of course we want to know how you get on together with your project – we’ll message you periodically to check in and see how things are going. When the project is done and dusted we’ll want to see as much evidence about what good has been done and comments from both parties on the outcome, so we can build an impressive ‘Impact Story’.

At any time, if you have a concern, query or other matter you’d like to discuss then please get in touch with one of the Make Good Grow team: [email protected]