Running Towards Impact: ‘Run’ with Tribe Business Coaching.

In the dynamic landscape of social impact, charities and good causes often find themselves grappling with challenges that demand strategic clarity, efficient processes, and robust tracking tools. Recognising the need for a comprehensive approach to empower charities, we have launched our ‘Run’ programme as part of our Social Accelerator scheme. Led by Charlotte Hartley, founder of Tribe Business Coaching, this initiative aims to redefine internal messaging, streamline processes, and implement powerful tracking tools through EOS/COS (Entrepreneurial/Charity Operating System) such as the VTO (Vision Traction Organiser) and a weekly scorecard.

Social Accelerator – Run Programme

This initiative, carefully curated within our accelerator framework, is a dynamic force led by Charlotte Hartley, founder of Tribe Business Coaching. Designed to propel charities forward, our ‘Run’ programme serves as a catalyst for meaningful change. Through a blend of strategic coaching, process refinement, and the integration of robust tracking tools like the VTO and weekly scorecard, this program empowers charities to distill their visions into actionable plans. It is a journey towards operational excellence, aligning internal messaging and processes with precision. The ‘Run’ programme encapsulates the spirit of acceleration, pushing charities to not only run but sprint towards their goals, fostering a future where impactful change is not just a dream but a tangible reality.

Inspired by thought leader Gino Wickman and his influential book ‘Traction,’ participating charities in the ‘Run’ programme are now equipped with the makings of an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) or COS (Charity Operating System) model. This strategic framework provides a solid foundation for organisations to thrive, aligning teams and resources toward a common vision.

Supporting Life-space Trust

As members of our Social Accelerator scheme, Life Space Trust selected our Run programme and have since had 1 to 1 workshops with Charlotte.
“The timing couldn’t have been better as over the past six months we’ve been speaking with paid and volunteer staff, young people and partners to help determine our future direction, leading to a Board and Core Team strategy day last week.
Inspired by Gino Wickman and his book Traction we now have the makings of an EOS or COS (charity operating system) model.” – Lisa Carroll Lifespace Trust.

Help Us To Make Good Grow

Our Passioneers and charities are the ones that make good grow. Our Social Accelerator programmes like Run, help charities and good causes to devote more time to doing what they do best – create a meaningful impact.

As part of our Make Good Grow’s Social Accelerator project, we are working with selected good causes in order to create a significant impact. We are always on the lookout for keen Passioneers to get involved in a number of projects and charities and good causes who need support within the local community of Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth.
If this may be something you could be interested in, get in touch.

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