Social Accelerator.

Boosting local good causes and charities to all new heights.

MGG’s Social Accelerator.

Our Social Accelerator process is our vehicle to accelerating charities further. We meet with charities first and assess their individual needs before matching them up with Passioneers and Businesses willing to support.

Our Social Accelerator ‘pic n mix’ allows charities to choose 1 or all 3 programmes that will help accelerate their offering to the South Warwickshire community.

How It wORKS.

We believe our triple threat; ‘In Cash’, ‘In Kind’ and ‘In Time’ is what sets us apart, by changing the way people can give back, delivered through the vehicle that is our Social Accelerator process; Grow, Run and Upskill.

We make it accessible and easy for Passioneers and Businesses, to give back – your way and on your terms. Whether you’re looking for a quick fling or a long-term charitable commitment, we have a number of projects to choose from.


Is there any payment involved?


No! This is a free service we provide. However, if you don’t follow our No Flake policy, fees might be introduced to respect our Passioneer’s time.

How many projects can I request?


As many as you need! If you have 1 ask try out the Run section of the Accelerator. If you have multiple then we would like to meet and talk through them with you to make sure we are the right people for you.