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The social impact dashboard, which makes it easy to tell the story of all the good your business is doing.


You do the good.

SID captures the real results.


Through data, insight and storytelling.

  • EASY

    Is your business making a difference, but you're finding it difficult to understand your impact?

    SID is a living record of the good your business and people are doing in the community. This clever software doesn't just track the data; we focus on helping you and your people tell the real story of your impact and taking away the guesswork.


    That static annual report followed by 11 months of silence?

    It's really not what we are about.
    SID is the continually updating record that measurably makes a difference to businesses like yours. It allows you to track, monitor & measure, throughout the year, and takes the hard work out of your impact reporting.


    You're a business who wants to give back, but are your employees on-board?

    SID is the platform to empower your people and give them a way to share their individual impact, comment on and celebrate their colleagues' successes, and showcase all the good they are doing in their communities. This all comes together to tell your business' impact story.



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SID Key Features

Build Trust

A transparent record of the good you do

The SID homepage is fully customisable, allowing you to tell the world why doing good is part of your DNA. Add your company’s branding & control which stats mean the most to you, while telling your impact stories in the Good Feed.

Make an impact together

Meaningful storytelling

SID provides your business with a space to be proud of your good work, and that of your teams. A space to tell the stories of the meaningful impact you are having on Good Causes, celebrate the difference you are making and give every employee a Passion CV. Create engaging stories with video, imagery, commenting and shareability built-in.

Capture relevant data quickly and accurately

Monitor, Measure, Report

The integrated admin portal makes it easy to set goals, monitor your progress and download digestible reports to share with your shareholders, trustees, customers and audiences.


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