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Create a Branded Brochure for It’s Time

It's Time
Harry Finch

Young adults who lose a parent face a unique set of challenges. These challenges often result in a lonely and lengthy battle adjusting to their new normal. 'It’s Time’ is being created to support and enable young adults who’ve lost a parent through signposting to services, educating support networks, creating a community, wellness sessions and educational resources. We are a new charity which has been set up by a group of trustees who have all experienced the loss of a parent. We wanted to set up It's Time to make it easier for young adults who have also gone through this challenging time.

The Challenge

Design a template PowerPoint presentation so that it can be used for multiple uses when introducing the charity in the future. Intended use for before an initial call with potential partners, businesses etc, fundraising calls and affiliates/ambassadors.
Emma Griffiths
Emma is a multi-disciplined Freelance Designer & Artist based in the UK.
  • Graphic Design
  • Surface Print & Pattern
  • Original Artwork
Providing a friendly, efficient & professional service.
Emma became a Passioneer because: "I felt the idea of helping local charities / organisations whilst connecting with new people and perhaps picking up projects that were not usually on my radar really appealed. I like to challenge myself and develop new skills regularly so this seemed like a perfect opportunity - especially as it benefitted others....which always gives you a bit of a warm glow inside!"

The Results

The Solution

The impact on our cause is that it has allowed us to share information about the charity in a professional and well-presented format. It allows us to leave the recipient our presentation for further sharing and use rather than just sharing the webpage. For the people we support it allows us to connect with stakeholders with a greater purpose of raising awareness for the charity and drumming our message and what we are trying to achieve as a charity.


A smooth process as usual, which is really helpful when juggling trying to run a charity in our spare time!

It's Time

Taking on a Make Good Grow project during Advent was the perfect way to add extra meaning to the festive season. Although it’s a notoriously chaotic and busy time, helping out a good cause felt really worthwhile and rewarding. ‘It’s Time’ were really flexible in terms of deadlines so it was totally manageable to fit the work in around other commitments. The charity has great plans for the future and I’ve no doubt will make a huge difference to the young people they aim to reach.

Emma Griffiths

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