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2 Nov 2021
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Design Children’s Activity Sheets

LWS Night Shelter
Emma Bird

LWS Night Shelter is a small charity based in Leamington Spa, working to support the local homeless and vulnerably housed community. Our mission statement is to provide hot meals, a safe place to sleep, and company, for those in need and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to warmth, food, and friendship.

The Challenge

Bring marketing materials to life with a compelling visual, or design a custom illustration that conveys the defining characteristics of your organisation in a way that words and logos alone cannot.
Sally Foden

I’m an illustrator /artist living in Leamington spa . I have worked as an illustrator for many years . I was represented by an agency called sharp practise and worked on many campaigns .

The Results

The Solution

I created three work sheets for children to colour in which are to promote a local homeless charity .

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