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Own Books Promo Video

Julie de Bastion is a registered charity to give free books to children to take home and keep ongoing. We work with primary schools, nurseries, playgroups and also facilitate workshops We give children from birth to 18 a free supply of books ongoing to take home to keep to encourage love of literature and reading. We work through giving a steady supply of books to schools mainly in deprived areas also we supply nurseries and play groups and community groups and we run workshops to facilitate families working together to encourage art, literacy poetry and creative problem-solving.

The Challenge

Own Books need to update their website with a new informative video summarising what they do as a charity and how they support schools in giving children the gift of reading. They also need a video producing that will enable them to present the 'Own Books' story to schools remotely.
Trevor Langley
I am a retired teacher of the deaf. I spent the majority of my career working in schools, but have also got a lot of experience with audio production and sound system installation, video production and live filming of stage and theatre shows and am an experienced choir and music / band leader.

The Results

The Solution

Own Books worked with our Passioneer, Trevor, to put together a detailed video explaining the work the charity does and how they can help children in prmary schools, who may not be able to get access to books.


“The team at Make Good Grow matched us with their Passioneer, Trevor, who came to a school with us and recorded the children reading our books. He was then able to make us a video about how Own Books works. This video will help spread the understanding of Own Books quickly and easily to our schools. We are unable to go into all schools and this will make a huge difference to us in highlighting our work to them.

Trevor was the answer to our problem. He created a wonderful video for us to highlight our work and this will enable us to spread the word more effectively and easily. We couldn’t have done it without Trevor!”


It was a pleasure to work with the creative team behind Own Books, to produce a video for use in primary schools across the country, to promote the work they do, bringing books to children who have little opportunity to read at home. As a former Primary Teacher and then a Teacher of Profoundly Deaf Children, the work done by Own Books really appealed to me.

“They had a script and ideas for a promotional video, to use in school assemblies. I produced a short video, filmed in a local primary school, and edited together with stills, scans, video clips and music.

Trevor Langley

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