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Rainbow Sunshine Company

The Rainbow Sunshine Company (RSC) is an independent, volunteer-run charity in Bedworth, Warwickshire for people with learning or physical difficulties who perform shows incorporating dance, drama & music.

The Challenge

Identify the amount of time that has passed since the expiry. Identify any fees required to pay for the domain name. Reactivate if possible or present all considerations for the solution.
David Goodwin
I’m (just about) 30 something and live in Bromsgrove (UK). I enjoy most forms of exercise, in particular hockey, running and cycling. Job wise, I’m a software engineer / systems administrator with Orlo

The Results

The Solution

Identify why the website wasn’t online, find out where it was hosted.
Host files from previous developer on a temporary website, make changes / updates as directed by Lesley (HTML/CSS editing).
Get website back online – recommend hosting package and upload files to web hosting service. Update DNS etc.


We would like to say a huge thankyou to David from Orlo Tech for his patience and diligence. He was thorough and always responded to my requests quickly and resolved problems as they arose.

Rainbow Sunshine Company

Happy to help 🙂

David Goodwin

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