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St Pauls Logo & Brand Redesign

St. Paul's Trust

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust had its origins in the desire of people in Balsall Heath to make a better future for their children. It has developed from three small community projects which all began between 1968 and 1972. One of these was St. Paul’s Nursery, which started as a preschool playgroup in the hall belonging to St. Paul’s Church. Just across the railway line, an adventure playground was opened by residents on the Malvern Street site where the Venture has remained and grown. The third and youngest of the projects was St. Paul’s School. The School was founded to work with pupils who were disaffected from large mainstream secondary schools.

The Challenge

High-resolution logo delivered in vector (.ai, .svg, .eps) and raster (.png, .jpg, .tiff) file formats for digital and print use.
Jack Gibson
Im a graphic designer, marketer and local business owner that specialises in a full range of digital marketing services.

The Results

The Solution

For the project with St. Paul’s Community Trust, we were tasked with redesigning their logo. They felt that the old logo, which they had been using for many years, didn’t best represent them; throughout our discussion, we listened to their thoughts regarding new imagery and undertook a process where we created a series of different logo ideas in the hopes that they would choose one that they liked. One of the primary focusses was that they needed to appeal to a wider range of people, given that many staff members and people that use the services are from many different backgrounds and ethnicities, especially people of a Muslim background, so it was important to incorporate some form of brand identity that included as many people who were instrumental to the project as possible.


We are a community organisation that does extremely valuable work with children and families. Your support on this project will help inspire us to be more confident, modern looking and we hope attract new business to the charity.

St. Paul's Trust

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Elaine and David for the fantastic work that they do for so many people in the Midlands and we hope that their new logo will enable them to move forward feeling much more connected to their brand identity.

Jack Gibson

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