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The Graham Adams Centre new logo

Graham Adams Centre
The Graham Adams Centre Elaine Lambe

The Graham Adams Centre is a community centre at the heart of Southam. We offer a safe and welcoming venue for community activities, and though the building is closed due to Covid-19, we are still supporting the community in many different ways.

The Challenge

Consultation regarding the organisation's current branding and desired branding objectives, followed by production of: Visual branding guidelines / style guide that include logo, brand colours, fonts, and other graphic design elements to use in print and digital communications materials
Emma Griffiths
Emma is a multi-disciplined Freelance Designer & Artist based in the UK.
  • Graphic Design
  • Surface Print & Pattern
  • Original Artwork
Providing a friendly, efficient & professional service.
Emma became a Passioneer because: "I felt the idea of helping local charities / organisations whilst connecting with new people and perhaps picking up projects that were not usually on my radar really appealed. I like to challenge myself and develop new skills regularly so this seemed like a perfect opportunity - especially as it benefitted others....which always gives you a bit of a warm glow inside!"

The Results

The Solution

The brief was very loose and because I took on the project during lockdown, it was a bit more drawn out than usual – but I got the information I needed from Elaine via emails, who was really helpful in challenging circumstances.

Because the Centre was having to close during Lockdown which was such a shame for the local community and all those who ran their classes from it, I tried to find the positive angle – using the opportunity for a bit of a rebrand and focusing on how important such a community hub would be in bringing people together, once things opened up again.

That idea formed the basis of the logo I designed – interconnectivity, coming together of various people from various backgrounds and a social hub at the heart of a community.


The new logo has revitalised our identity at the centre and as we update all our resources to use the clear branding it will help people know who we are.

Thank you Emma for your patience with this project – I know that it took a lot longer than you probably ever imagined. We love the logo and look forward to continuing our rebranding.

Graham Adams Centre

I hope the Centre goes from strength to strength after such a frustrating 18 months or so and thank you for the opportunity of being involved with their new logo and vision for the future.

Emma Griffiths

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