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Website Scope

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind
Hugh Sorrill

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind is a registered charity that provides practical and social support for blind and partially sighted people, and their families and carers, in the Coventry area.   We offer a wide range of activities including social groups, the music group, the allotment club and the craft group, as well as training sessions in computers, smartphones, tablets and braille. We also provide hands-on access to products and technology designed to make living with a visual impairment a little easier.   And it’s easy to get here too, with our door-to-door minibus service. Find out about all our services in these pages. Above all we guarantee a warm welcome in a safe environment.   "I don't know where I'd be without the Resource Centre. They've been so helpful. It's really helped me along."

The Challenge

Complete a website scope Identify what requirements are needed and not needed Create a clear document for us to refer back to
Andrew Jeffreys
A one man development team, Andrew is founder of Repixel8 - a micro indie game dev studio based in the UK, developing and publishing games for consoles, PC and mobile platforms.

The Results

The Solution

The project involved producing a scope for the potential update of the CRCB Website. The main requirements were updating appearance, improving accessibility and ensuring ease of creating content.

This was tackled in 3 stages.

1) Identifying a suitable platform for the new Website
2) Creating a detailed project scope document
3) Implementing a prototype website to demonstrate and validate the above requirements could be met.

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