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Written by: El Prior

StrategiQ pledges their support to Lifespace Trust

Another incredible match here at Make Good Grow, packed full of positive impact! 

Lifespace Trust, a charity dedicated to making a difference for young people, came to us looking for support in developing a brand guidelines document. 

Take a moment to think about your business or organisation – how was this developed for you? Maybe your internal marketing team created this, or you outsourced it to an agency. Well, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that charities, with their limited resources and stretched budgets, don’t have a marketing team or the funds to hire an agency. 

Luckily, we had StrategiQ in our Good Business network. These multi-award winning marketing experts not only had the skills to deliver this vital piece of work, but offered it pro-bono through Make Good Grow. We spoke to Rachel Key, CEO of Lifespace Trust, about the incredible work StrategiQ completed. 

“We wanted to make sure how we look and what we say reflects exactly what we do, the quality of our work and the care and commitment of our staff and volunteers. That’s why we are so grateful to the fabulous team at StrategiQ.”

“Ash and Daisy took the time to get to know us, including our commitment to being youth-led and our role as advocates for all young people in regional and national networks, working with young and mental health organisations that share our belief that young people are amazing.”

“Ash and Daisy created a document that lives and breathes our vision and values.”


We also spoke to Louise Goldthorpe, Brand Strategist at StrateqiQ, about what inspired them to get involved with the movement for good, and work with Lifespace Trust. 

“The work Lifespace does with young people is invaluable, so when we were contacted with the opportunity to support this great cause, we didn’t hesitate.”

“We wanted to do justice to the incredible values and vision at the heart of this organisation – and it was a privilege to bring these to life through the brand guidelines.” 

Make Good Grow was able to facilitate this match easily, by coming to StrategiQ with a piece of work that desperately needed completing. But, we also strive to put your giving in your hands, through our revolutionary Pledge Marketplace. 


The Pledge Marketplace is an online platform that allows you to submit the services, products or skills you want to volunteer. You could donate some of the products your company produces, or no longer need e.g laptops, printers. Or, offer up your team’s skills by pledging an hour of Marketing strategy chat, IT support or HR compliance guidance. Everyone in your organisation has an invaluable skillset, and the opportunity to create something good in your community. 


You can get in contact with one of the team about pledging your skills, service or surplus product HERE