See how Josh’s skills helped Zena from Thankwell on a Software & IT project.

Zena Rajathurai

ThankWell is a new social thanking platform that allows people to send a thank you with words, photographs and videos. 

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15 Jun 2020

Software & IT

with a value of


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Josh Pinfold

Make Good Grow matches skilled volunteers with community groups to work on high impact projects. They focus on using peoples skills 

What did Zena need?

ThankWell believes in the positive psychology of caring for the people who care for us through gratitude, by recognising their efforts and supporting their well-being. This became even more pertinent as we entered the COVID pandemic. ThankWell needed a website to share the value of a thanking platform and engage people to use it. Josh immediately understood the venture and used his talents to work out what was needed and to build the landing page. 
It has been a pleasure to work with Josh because he was happy to explore different ideas to arrive at the best solutions for the project. Prior to this I had no website design experience and Josh made it a great learning process too. I feel so fortunate to be helped through the aptly named Make Good Grow volunteering platform! 

How Josh helped.

I thought the idea behind ThankWell was brilliant and extremely timely. Zena wanted a homepage for Thankwell that would quickly tell people what the platform was for, and encourage them to sign up. We also needed to create a logo that would be recognisable throughout the site.

Zena already had a really clear idea on colour schemes and an overall feel that the brand needed to have, so we were quickly able to design the logo. Zena provided me with mood boards and some early stage designs she had previously had help with. Using that I created a homepage and after a few tweaks we had a finished product. 

This was a great project for me as I’m relatively new to the world of design, so having such an interesting cause to work with was a real joy. I’ve been using a lot of what I learnt on this project on our own Make Good Grow site.

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