The Make Good Grow Accelerator

Boosting local good causes and charities to all new heights.

The UK’s first Charity Accelerator.

Our Social Accelerator process is our vehicle to accelerating charities further. We meet with charities first and assess their individual needs before matching them up with Passioneers.
Our Accelerator ‘pic n mix’ allows charities to chose 1 or all 3 programmes that will help accelerate their offering!


We’ve been inspiring charities to dream BIG. Our Grow process aims to make the impossible, possible. 
Charities meet with our Head of Fundraising Sarah, to grow the ‘BIG’ vision and dream that charities struggle to reach alone. We’ve been working on some exciting projects behind the scenes.
Check out how we helped Evergreen School.  


With the help from Charlotte at Tribe Business Coaching, we help charities to implement an Operating system for charities to deliver alignment of the team and full accountability. With a powerful 1-page internal vision shared by the team, a compelling scorecard and a process for tackling issues the right way, charities can look forward to a healthier culture, more motivated staff and less stress!
Run with Tribe Business Coaching.


Our Passioneer community have an abundance of skills that charities need; marketing support, finance support etc. We are offering bite-sized 2 hour expert workshops to help charities and their team keep abreast by upskilling at scale, we help them to create a professional development plan. And if we don’t have the skills already in our 1 Mill Street building, we’ll go out and find them!

Cohort 1 is underway! Watch this space for the latest news…

Fancy being a part of our next cohort?


Drop us a line here, and we’ll get back to you to arrange an informal chat about your needs!

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