The Impact of Volunteering on Your Team.

Looking to uncover new ways to motivate and inspire your team through the impact of volunteering?

Imagine the heart-fluttering excitement of a first date, but with the purpose of making a real difference in the world. Welcome to Make Good Grow, where we play ‘Tinder for charities and businesses’. 

We connect passionate volunteers with local good causes in South Warwickshire, celebrating these connections and their impact through storytelling. Our ‘Passioneers’ have their incredible work shared on digital platforms, ensuring their good deeds are recognised and celebrated.


The Business Case for Good Deeds

So, why should businesses care about volunteering and contributing to good causes? It’s simple. When your employees engage in meaningful community work, the benefits ripple through your organisation in profound ways. Research conducted across the UK shows that companies that actively contribute to their communities see a significant positive impact on employee well-being, motivation, and retention.

According to a 2020 study by CIPD, 44% of employees reported that they felt more engaged and motivated at work when their company was involved in charitable activities. Furthermore, a 2019 report by Business in the Community revealed that employees who participated in company-led volunteering initiatives were 20% more likely to stay with their employer for the long term.


The Impact of Volunteering on Employee Wellbeing

Employee well-being is paramount to any successful business. Volunteering and contributing to good causes give employees a sense of purpose and fulfilment that transcends their everyday work tasks. It allows them to connect with their colleagues on a deeper level, fostering a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. The impact of volunteering boosts morale and job satisfaction.


Easy Ways to Contribute

A common misconception is that contributing to good causes requires a significant time commitment or financial investment. At Make Good Grow, we debunk this myth by offering businesses three simple ways to make a difference: “In Time, In Kind, or In Cash.”

  1. In Time: Encourage your employees to volunteer their time, whether it’s running a workshop, mentoring young people, or participating in local community events. Even a few hours can make a significant impact.
  2. In Kind: Many businesses have surplus stock or unused equipment gathering dust. Donating these items to local charities can be incredibly valuable and is a great way to contribute without stretching your resources.
  3. In Cash: Financial donations are always appreciated, but they don’t have to be substantial to make a difference. Even small contributions can help fund important initiatives and support local causes.


Real People, Real Impact

At Make Good Grow, we ensure that you see your project through from start to finish. Our storytelling approach means your employees will not only feel the difference they’re making but also see it celebrated. This is about people—real people, real impact. When your team gets involved, they become part of a larger story, one that highlights their contributions and the positive change they bring to the community.

Feeling inspired?

Join the Movement

We invite businesses to take their first step towards making a difference. Let’s get a date in the diary and explore how we can work together. Whether you’re looking for a quick fling or a long-term thing, we’re here to match you with the perfect cause. Think of us as the Tinder for Good Causes—ready to slide into your DMs and take our relationship to the next level. Don’t ghost us; let’s uncover the impact of volunteering together.

By partnering with Make Good Grow, you’re not just enhancing your corporate social responsibility; you’re enriching the lives of your employees and the community. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. So, are you ready to make a match that matters? Join us, and let’s make good grow.

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