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Written by: El Prior

Two Good Causes helped thanks to UK Flooring Direct and Make Good Grow

We are pleased to report on another incredible pair of matches for two Good Causes, who now have fully working, refurbished laptops – thanks to the marvellous team at UK Flooring Direct. Creating more than £2,000 of social impact value!

GINA UK and The Horse and People Project CIC contacted Team MGG within days of each other, requesting support in sourcing a laptop for a member of their team. As we all know, in today’s working world – laptops are vital, but expensive, bits of kit that help keep an organisation running. While they’re not luxury items, it is often difficult for smaller non-profit organisations to find the budget to purchase high-quality tech and keep it updated with the latest software etc. 

In the case of The Horse and People Project CIC – they had one working laptop, second-hand and personally funded by one of the team, to share between two people. Not an ideal scenario to effectively run an organisation! 

We put out a call for help to our network of Good Businesses, and fortunately UK Flooring Direct stepped forward. They were able to offer two laptops that had come to the end of their lives within the business. Matt from the IT team at UK Flooring Direct went out of his way to clean the machines up and make sure they were fit to serve someone for the foreseeable future. The laptops were in perfect working condition and would have likely gone to landfill had they not found a new home through Make Good Grow. 

We spoke to Louise Gillard-Owen, Director and Facilitator of The Horse and People CIC, about how this laptop is going to make a difference to her organisation.

“The Horse and People Project CIC are very grateful to UK Flooring Direct for the laptop donated to them, free of charge, we will put it to good use, helping us work smarter and get more done – on the hoof!

Having a second laptop will help us be more available to our clients, deliver our horse-assisted therapeutic learning sessions, and support mental well-being across Coventry and Warwickshire. 

A huge thank you to both UK Flooring Direct and Make Good Grow’s Pledge Marketplace, a fantastic organisation that does exactly what it says it does, for making this happen. We do appreciate it! This gives a real boost for small not-for-profit companies such as ours.” 

UK Flooring Direct has been working with Make Good Grow for some time now and this is a perfect example of how easy and effective it can be for businesses to repurpose equipment, with very little additional cost, but a massive potential impact on the Good Causes being supported. 

These two donated laptops have saved the two Good Causes more than £1,000 each and put perfect good equipment back into use. 

Ashleigh from UK Flooring Direct has been coordinating all of their volunteering and social impact activities and had this to say: 

“We launched our Employer Supported Volunteering scheme earlier this year as we are committed to giving back to the communities in our local area and supporting our employees with opportunities to volunteer.

“Through that, we have struck up a great partnership with Make Good Grow and this donation is a great example of how we can support good causes in our region.”


We’d love more businesses to think like UK Flooring Direct, many will have equipment that has come to the end of its intended life for your company, but could have a second life supporting Good Causes. Similarly, companies often have surplus products, facilities, skills and services that could be put to good use supporting our community of Good Causes and creating a huge amount of positive social impact. 

If you’re feeling inspired, why not get in touch with Team MGG and discuss how you could give back and make a pledge with Make Good Grow – imagine the impact you could have and as we’ve shown you here – it doesn’t have to cost the earth! 

Get in contact with one of our team at and we’ll help get you started.