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Written by: El Prior

Unleash the power of social impact tracking

Consumers and investors now demand transparency and responsibility from businesses. But, how do these stakeholders know about all of the good things you’re doing, unless you’re tangibly reporting it?

When it comes to social impact, tracking the right metrics communicates your dedication, and accountability. And, helps you to deeper understand your impact on society, and the environment. Alongside hosting a myriad of other positive benefits…

Join Make Good Grow as we delve into the benefits your business can gain from tracking your impact.


Tangibly communicate your impact to stakeholders 

Tracking impact provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your actions. This transparency allows you to communicate their efforts to stakeholders, like your customers, employees and investors. AKA – the most important people in your business. 

By providing detailed information on your performance, you can demonstrate your commitment and build trusting relationships. This open communication will not only identify ways for your business to grow and evolve, but improves relationships with people that matter. 


Make better, data-driven decisions towards a sustainable future

The data identifies areas where you’re having the greatest impact. And, allows you to develop strategies to maximise this further.

You will also gain insight into areas that could be improved, and track their progress over time. 

After all.. You can’t improve, if you don’t know where you’re doing well.


Build a strong reputation and a loyal customer base

A study by Sensormatic Solutions stated 70% of consumers would shop elsewhere if they discovered a brand was operating irresponsibly. Companies that track their impact are seen as responsible and transparent. This improved reputation will attract customers, employees and investors. 


Kickstart the Good Chain and inspire others to create positive impact 

One good deed sparks another. And, creates a ripple effect of kindness and generosity. By demonstrating your impact on the world, you can inspire countless more. Ultimately, this will improve your brand reputation, and contribute towards an engaged community that advocates for your business.   


Tracking social impact is an important step for businesses that want to demonstrate their commitments. With social impact reporting tools like the Social Impact Dashboard, it has never been easier for businesses to understand and communicate their impact.