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Written by: El Prior

Visuals by JK Pledges for Flourish

If you didn’t already know, we’re part of the incredible 1 Mill Street community. 

And, thanks to them, we’ve managed to meet and recruit some incredible-r (..?) passioneers. 

One in particular, is John Knight. Coffeehouse fan-favourite and all-round OAP sweetheart, John is a barista by day, and photographer by night. Kind of like Batman, but we think he’s even better. 

John recently pledged through our Pledge Marketplace, and offered out his expertise free of charge to Good Causes in need. And Flourish was certainly in need. 

1 Mill Street kindly offered up their Boardroom meeting room (also a claimable pledge btw) to host this grande-photoshoot-spectacular and the results were pretty astonishing. 

Check out these bad boys! 



And best of all, you too can claim both the Boardroom and John’s pledge as a Good Cause! 

Or think you’ve got skills, equipment or facilities you could pledge, just like John? We knew you were one of us, drop us a line HERE.