Passion Ambassadors

Purpose-driven businesses, passionate about doing more.

Whether you’re a business looking to make a difference, or doing good is already the lifeblood of your organisation – you’re our bag.

Businesses want to do good, but finding the right opportunity can be tricky. Solve the mystery of unused voluntary days, and match your business with charities ready to put your skills, time, products, or services to work for a greater cause.
Whether you’re a sponsor, donor, or group of employees with some serious superpowers, together, you’ll create real, tangible impact. 

For forward-thinking businesses, driven by passion and a commitment to action.

Become a key-player in our newest support program; The Make Good Grow Accelerator. Working with 5 charities over 6 months, this is an opportunity to upskill and uplift local Good Causes.
Tailor your offering to your businesses’ values. By donating time, services, products or sponsorship, you’ll drive real change where it’s needed most.

Ready for it?

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Meet our current Passion Ambassadors