What makes a passioneer

When you can't quite find the right word you can always try making one up. Read about our latest creation ... the Passioneer.
Josh Pinfold

Josh Pinfold

If you’ve explored our Make Good Grow website and social channels, you may have noticed a funny new word dotted around. Whilst you probably got the gist, we wanted to quickly tell you what this word means to us, and why we love using it so much.

We are, of course, talking about the mighty “Passioneer”. But what is a Passioneer, and more importantly, how can you become one?

Passion + Volunteer = Passioneer

A “Passioneer” is what you get when you bring passion and volunteer together. That’s called a portmanteau for all you lexicon-lovers out there, and we all know that some of the best words in English are portmanteaus (just look at brunch, velcro and spork.) So, what makes this particular combo so special to us at Make Good Grow?

If you (safe)search online for “passion” you get the following synonyms: love, strong emotion, enthusiasm, eagerness, intensity, and we want to bring all these things to volunteering. We want you to share your passions with local Community Groups who need it for their game-changing projects.

Word of the year 2020?

Whether that’s your enthusiasm for marketing, a drive for business strategy, or even a burning love for making Spreadsheets (we see you), we know that your passion will be something that a Community Group near you can harness and thrive from.

Why? Because, in our opinion, real skills are the most valuable asset we all have. You might think twice about giving three, four, five-hundred pounds to charity, but consider how much it would cost for a charity to hire you for a day… That means you’re not sitting on a gold mine, you are one!

What’s more, all our volunteering opportunities are project based, meaning that you can use your skills to achieve a real, measurable outcome, all whilst helping a Community Group that needs you.

What’s EVEN MORE? Once you’re done, you can move onto a completely different project, or help that same group again. The passion, and the power, is in your hands.

So, if you’ve got passion and you’re ready to share it with a great cause, it sounds like you might be a Passioneer already.

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