Make Good Grow.

{ mayk gud grow } – noun

A match-making service that matches Passioneers with charities and good causes to create meaningful impact.

Behind the Green: Nigel’s Story

Running Rant & Rave, a Coventry-based Software Business with 140 staff was a great privilege for me, and an even greater one, because of its culture. We were successful and thriving and my team had deep feelings about contributing to their community and local causes and giving back.

We tried on many occasions to help in a more socially transformative way, by using our skills, our products and expertise, and also our financial resources. It was not easy to find charity matches that fitted our passions, where the timing was right for both parties, but as a group of Passioneers, we were determined to find a better way.

On the business’s exit in October 2018, I vowed to create a match-making service between South Warwickshire community causes and businesses, and Make Good Grow was born.

I presented the concept of Make Good Grow to many of our corporate clients at Raveolution, our annual event. I had overwhelmingly positive feedback and ploughed on with what today has become in effect the Tinder for Charities, a matchmaking service to reduce the friction and hassle for your business and other Passioneers to help charities and multiply social impact.


We trust each other’s capabilities and character to get sh*t done and have fun along the way!


In order to make good grow, we must have a growth mindset. We’re not looking to settle and will always find a better and innovative way to deliver meaningful impact.

Social Impact Success

We champion and celebrate Passioneer project success like it’s our own! We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts, identifying what works and what doesn’t, to maximise community impact.

The Business of Business is to improve the world.

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with over 120 charities on just as many projects. The Projects are many and varied and our focus has been on making things happen, learning, adapting, and improving as we go along and most importantly just getting on with adding real value to charities and the lives of the people they help.

When I sold Rant & Rave in 2018, I setup 2 ventures, 1MS & MGG, both with a common belief that we work better when we are together, and real collaboration and real community are the secret ingredients for success in business and in life.

My philosophy has always been that we can Do Well and Do Good, the personal double bottom-line, and that they are not mutually exclusive, hence why we coined the phrase, ‘Smart Coworking with a Heart’ when we launched 1 Mill Street, with MGG within its bosom.

Said another way by Marc Benioff, ‘the business of business is to improve the world’. Tomorrow’s winners are those that create financial and social impact for stakeholders and the world at large.